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*Please refer to the website for the school you will be attending for specific information regarding cost, days and times of recruitment, etc. 


Your college will send recruitment information and a registration form with a deadline for submission of form and fees. If you have not received this information by July, contact the college Panhellenic Office and/or check the campus website. Online registration may be available.

THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in signing up for membership recruitment is to REGISTER with the university you will be attending. You must be registered there to participate in the Membership Recruitment process.

Review the information concerning sororities and the calendar of events for that campus.

Be aware of deadlines for submission of forms - each campus is different!



REGISTER with Victoria Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association (VAAPA) by emailing the completed VAAPA Registration Form (below) to:


​Prepare a resume listing your academic standing, honors, activities, and interests.  Make a digital copy to furnish to schools or alumnae upon request.

A sample form is provided below in the recruitment registration packet.


​You may be asked for an official high school transcript. Request this transcript and make a digital copy to furnish to schools or alumnae upon request.



​For each sorority on your campus you will need a written reference. VAAPA has reference writers for each sorority who will use your information to complete the referencer for her sorority.

You will be making information packets, one for each sorority on your campus. Each packet will contain:

- VAAPA Sorority Recruitment Information page
- Social Resume
- Transcript, SAT/ACT scores ("optional, but highly recommended")
- Two (2) - 4x6 Photos 

Send an email to each reference writer. The text of the email should contain your name, name of your high school, university attending, hometown city, and classification for next year. (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior) They will each need a copy of your packet (hard copy and/or digital copy) BEFORE JUNE 1, 2023.


If you prefer to have a personal friend or family member write the reference for a particular sorority, please let the VAAPA reference writer know.

***We can NOT guarantee that your references  will be written if your information is sent in after this date.

Don't forget to write each reference writer a thank you note! 


​Choose photographs for your recruitment packets; most sororities prefer two pictures - one headshot and one full body. (Hint: be sure these photos are a good likeness - sorority members want to be able to recognize you when you arrive!)


Begin networking with family, friends and teachers to let them know your plans about participating in sorority recruitment.



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